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KineMaster Prime is a wonderful mobile application that comes with thousands of best options to edit videos. From here now you can directly download Kinemaster prime apk latest updated version for 2021. This is the best video editor for your smartphone devices, and this is a 100% working, reliable and safe application. You can use the direct download link from here to continue this process.

What is Kinemaster prime?

KineMaster Prime mobile application is the modified and enhanced app version of Kinemaster. Just as other Kinemaster versions, Kinemaster diamond, and Green Kinemaster APK this Kineaster prime included extra functions as well as a new bunch of features for video editing to your android device. Using the Kinemaster apk file format users can easily download the application for all the supported android smartphone devices.

Kinemaster prime struggling with video editing

While struggling with plenty of video editing apps, If you are looking for the most functional video editor app, the Kinemaster app is the most supported option for you. This is a kind of best-rated mobile video editing application that widely expanded all over the world. Both Android and iOS users can use this interesting app, and this will be your favorite app after you use it several times.

Kinemaster app does not contain hard restrictions and limitations. It supports low RAM mobile devices and low processing power devices. We can find Kinemaster alternative apps in the public. But those apps are demanding high Ram as well as processor.

Therefore those who do not have a high performed mobile phone, this is a great option for you as well as advanced mobile users can try this to editing videos, try Kinemaster MOD APK with premium features, pro apk versions, and try many more facilities from this free version.

More about KineMaster Prime

KineMaster Prime is the premium version of the Kinemaster application. This video editor app gives you more flexible features that you could not be able to reach in Kinemaster. As an example, to remove the watermark in the videos that were edit by the Kinemaster app, get rid of old unresponsive backgrounds, the KineMaster Prime is a wonderful option. If you are looking for those maximum premium features even without facing any trouble, then definitely you should try Kinemaster Prime.

Why KineMaster Prime apk?

Kinemaster prime is a video editor that gives users the most flexible video editing facilities rather than other thousands of apps. If you are currently using KineMaster, then you should move to Kinemaster Prime, and you can download the Kinemaster premium apk version for your smart Android devices.

kinemaster prime

From the premium version, you can use updated features and plenty of flexible facilities. Using these facilities it is possible to easily create more creative videos. If you are new to Kinemaster or looking to download KineMaster, then you should download Kinemaster prime version as necessary to enjoy plenty of those facilities.

Advanced features of KineMaster prime apk

KineMaster prime latest version has newly introduced features, and you will probably love these features while using the application. So let's see what are those interesting facilities included in the latest version of the original KineMaster Prime.

  1. Even your 256MB Ram, works 100% efficiently with your mobile device.
  2. Stop with old boring themes, new themes added in the new update.
  3. Users get the opportunity to easily access the Kinemaster official app store.
  4. Ability to add thousands of images, no limits.
  5. A single screen of the media layer.
  6. Allows freedom to add a massive collection of stickers to make attractive videos.
  7. You can easily add several effects to videos.
  8. Ability to add text with stylish fonts, titles, paras, and many more contents to your video.
  9. Freely get copyright-free images, video formats, audio, and multiple effects. These features are required in video editing and you can find them from the asset store of KineMaster.
  10. Here you can select multiple color themes such as Hue, saturation, and Color Intensity.
  11. Voice changer with audio filters.
  12. Using those cool animation features, users get the freedom to make stunning and impressive clips.
  13. Speed control functionalities for your videos to make you easier to control the speed.
  14. Newly introduced transitions for videos with 3D effects. For example, fade in, fade out, etc.
  15. Support direct share facility for social media platform apps such as Youtube, Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook.
  16. Chroma key feature - Here Chroma key has been enabled.
  17. User-friendly app.
  18. Export videos

  19. kinemaster features

KineMaster Prime apk Supported Formats

KineMaster Prime has the ability to supports a wide range of file format compatibility in audio, video, and image. So let's see what are they.

  • MP4
  • 3GP
  • MOV
Audio Formats
  • MP3
  • AAC
  • M4A
  • WAV
Image Formats

Here it supports a massive collection of image file formats including,

  • JPEG
  • WebP
  • PNG
  • BMP
  • GIF
Video Format - Exporting
  • MP4

Kinemaster Pro apk

Kinemaster Pro apk is the modified app version that comes with premium unlocked superb facilities. Download Kinemaster Pro APK is the best option to edit videos. Using the downloaded apk file, you can easily install the Kinemaster pro apk to make fantastic video content using your android phone. It adds several video layers and using multiple key performances users get unlimited freedom to edit and create attractive footage. Users will receive comment notifications, and those created videos can easily share with others.

kinemaster pro

Features of download KineMaster Pro APK

Kinemaster Pro includes a list of notable features. Here it is an entirely unlocked video editor feature that can use for both generals as well as professional use.

  1. Multiple layers
  2. Several video layers support you to easily edit video clips if you ready to edit them using several ways. For example, modification videos, chroma effect, audio mixing, etc.

    On the official application, it is possible to only create limited layers, so the highlighted feature list of Kinemaster Pro APK gives you the freedom to create some layers to make work easier.

  3. No WaterMark
  4. Watermark in edited images and videos is a major issue that contains all those video editors. Using the KineMaster Pro Mod APK app now you can easily remove watermarks as it included the best features for removing watermarks. Other versions of Kinemaster also included this new feature, and this will create your video more creative, and the final output will be best.

  5. Export Video - 4K
  6. The free version of last Kinemaster APK supports only export that edited video to 1080p from the android resolution. With the arrival of the KineMaster Pro Mod APK, users get an amazing opportunity to export their video up to 4K resolution. So it very well supported bigger screens such as computers and televisions.

    For the creators who editing videos of any of those social media platforms or if you are a YouTuber, this feature is greatly appreciated. From YouTube, most videos that are above 720p do not get resolution, which degrades video quality when you use a large screen.

    To avoid this trouble, now you can easily download KineMaster Pro Mod APK as it will definitely help you a lot.

  7. Support All the available Versions
  8. Kinemaster Pro APK supports a variety of devices for editing videos. So now you can use this application with Android, iOS, iPad, Windows, and other plenty of devices.

    You can get this app using direct links. But if you install it on your computer, you cannot directly download the mobile application to your PC. First, you have to install an android emulator. Here you can use Bluestacks, Noxplayer, Gameloop, or such applications.

  9. Instant Preview Anytime
  10. If you are decided to creating a film, an autobiography, or long footage here you will not make mistakes from beginning to end. Once the whole video is ready, it is difficult to find small errors due to the size of the video.

    Using this editor app, users get the ability to preview editings anytime. This is available from the beginning to the end of the video.

  11. Rewind the video
  12. Reversing / Rewinding video ability is a wonderful key feature of this application after the instant preview. It may take time to rewind a long-lasting video, but if you use this Kinemaster it will take just only a few seconds. So this is a ​great way that you would never think it could be an edited video.

    So Various creators users use this application to get benefits from these transition changes and reverse quickly option.

Download KineMaster Pro APK

You can download latest KineMaster Pro APK here.100% Malware Free!

Download KineMaster Pro

More Features of the Pro apk

  • No Watermark
  • Unlocked all the available Premium Packs
  • No Advertisement
  • Inlocked Full Subscriptions
  • Analytics Disabled
  • Assets Access or Full Shop

KineMaster Mod

Apart from the official store, the mod version includes many new features to make the user more comfortable. Although the Pro version, adds a variety of modified features for Kinemaster applications to get maximum features you have to get these Kinemaster Mod versions.

Kinemaster Prime Mod APK is recommended for modified applications that come with additional features not included in pro apk.

kinemaster mod

Reasons to use Kinemaster Mod APK

Various types of Kinemaster support several facilities. When concerned about Kinemaster, Kenemaster Prime, Kinemaster diamond, and Green Kinemaster, each version does not include such amazing freedom as the Kinemaster pro apk or the Kinemaster mod apk has. Using a supported version of Kinemaster, especially this pro apk you can add multiple video effects using multiple layers, and then you can export them.

When concerned about more advantages, absolutely Kinemaster will give you plenty of opportunities. let's see them briefly.

Advantages and reasons to use Kinemaster mod apk

  1. The latest version of Kinemaster allows changing background music as well as themes.
  2. You can find several benefits with Kinemaster prime. But rather than the features of Kinemaster, with the Kinemaster Pro APK version, you can enjoy features and it helps users.
  3. App support running low specs android smartphones.
  4. If you have 256MB Ram or above, yes the app runs without any messing. So you can create video clips by adding music, images, text to the video.
  5. When you edit the KM application, here you can find everything fine. But due to the low performances of the RAM, speed may be a little slower. This is just an experiment for apk Kinemaster app because these days it is hard to find a Ram of a smartphone of about 256MB. All the latest android smart devices come with a super-duper RAM performance.
  6. New background Themes instead of old boring themes. Those old backgrounds contain odd themes, so it is not matched your modern requirement. New Kinemaster mod apk allows you to enjoy all those modified facilities.
  7. Most of those video editors are paid apps. But this is the absolutely free version. Just you have to do is, tap on the download button on the app download page. The app included advanced features and users no need to purchase another paid premium plan. Kinemaster MOD APK version is very well suited for you.
  8. Kinemaster apk mod version is completely free for video editors. Users can get free access to the app store.

Download Kinemaster MOD APK 2021 in Brief

App Name: Kinemaster Pro
App Size: 97 MB
Latest version: 5.0.9
Supported Android OS: Android 6.0 and upper versions
App cost: Freeware
How to get it: Google PlayStore
Recently updated version: July 6, 2021

Download and install Kinemaster Prime apk

It is possible to download the Kinemaster Prime app from the Google Play store. However it is, you will get the freedom to download and install the Kinemaster Prime apk using the mentioned link from our official website. If you have an android powered smartphone or tablet, you can use the Prime, mod, or pro apk download link. Now you can easily follow the below-mentioned instructions to successfully completed the download process. So go through the above-mentioned steps.

Step01. First, you have to follow a reliable download link. There are many supported download links on the internet. But most of them are harmful. So you can try it from here. We provide you the best download links.

Step02. Now tap on the download button. The download process will begin now.

Step03. Here you have to close all the open windows. Then you have to enable the device's unknown sources option. For that, you have to open device Settings-> tap on security settings -> then enable the Unknown Sources option. Tap on it to enable it.

Step04. Then open the downloaded Kinemaster APK file. Tap on it to open the file and then install. Here you have to agree with the terms and conditions.

Step05. To complete the installation, the process will take a few seconds, then tap on open to launch the application.

edit videos using kinemaster

Now you can see the app icon on the device home screen after successfully installed it. Double-tap on it is open the application.

Now you have successfully completed the application installation. Here you can enjoy several facilities and this is the right place to edit videos without any difficulty. Give your comments about your experience in the below comment box.

Download KineMaster Pro APK

Download KineMaster